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Why You Should Invest in Electric Bikes in Toronto

Electric bikes have been around for a few years in Canada, you just need to look around and you will spot a few. In Toronto, using electric bikes as a form of keeping fit or exploring around the city is a norm. In fact, people of any fitness level can use electric bikes as they’re easy to cycle and can handle any terrain, thanks to the electric assist that the bikes offer. Let two wheels get you to new places and help open your eyes to stops along the way that you might otherwise miss.

Visitors to Toronto will be pleasantly surprised by its large bikeway network consisting of more than 450 km of bicycle lanes, shared roadways and off-road paths. There are plenty of off-road paths and parks to explore for those who want to stay off the city streets.

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Here are some great suggestions for places you can ride an e-bike in Toronto.

Toronto Islands

Don Valley Recreation Trail

The Don Valley Trail is a 10 kilometre of multi-use trail for pedestrians and cyclists that runs along the Don River and is one of the best ways to enjoy nature without leaving the city. Winding along the river, the paved pathway is mostly flat and there are numerous entry points to this pathway. What makes this particular course appealing is how it begins with dense foliage and then eventually becoming more urbanized as you head south along the edge of the Don Valley Parkway and passing under rusting expressway ramps.

Suggested e-bikes for the Don Valley Recreation Trail

Toronto Islands

Just a short ferry ride from the city awaits the flat, manicured and scenic trails on the Toronto Islands, great for a quick romantic getaway, a family field trip, or simply some fun in the sun.

Suggested e-bikes for the Toronto Islands

The Martin Goodman Trail

The Toronto waterfront is a popular spot for e-bike rides. If you want to feel completely removed from the bustling city, cycling the harbour front provides a relaxing ride. The Martin Goodman Trail is a 56-kilometre multi-use path along the waterfront in Toronto, Ontario. It traverses the entire lake shore from one end of the city to the other, from Humber Bay Arch Bridge in the west to the Rouge River in the east. The Martin Goodman Trail is part of the 730 km Waterfront Trail around Lake Ontario

Suggested e-bikes for the Martin Goodman Trail

Niagara on the Lake

Just a short distance from Toronto, Niagara on the Lake is an ideal spot to take your new e-bike for a spin. Niagara is becoming known for cycling almost as much for wine. An incredible selection of bicycle routes and trails make this a popular destination for cyclists. Meander between wineries through farmland, travel along rivers and lakes, or take advantage of acres devoted to mountain biking featuring the Escarpment.

River bike trails are ideal for electric bike rides because you don’t have to worry about where to go next if you get bored with a particular trail. There are multiple trails to choose from that traverse the majority of the city. With many turns and twists, riders always have a memorable time. For the less energetic riders, there are many parks in Toronto that are entirely unknown to tourists where you can go riding while relishing the peace and tranquillity of the place.

Suggested e-bikes for Niagara on the Lake

Mount Pleasant Cemetery

While not necessarily a trail, the road system within Mount Pleasant Cemetery is popular amongst local joggers and cyclists. The trails are lined with fountains, statues, botanical gardens and rare trees.

Suggested e-bikes for Mount Pleasant Cemetery

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