Electric Bikes Vancouver

Electric Bikes Vancouver

Vancouver consistently ranks among the top cities in North America for cycling, and with good reason. It has over 450 kilometres of dedicated bike lanes, and cycling is Vancouver’s fastest-growing mode of transport. Vancouver residents and visitors can cycle year-round, thanks to the mild weather!

Electric bikes take cycling to a whole new level by adding in the convenience of an electric motor, perfect for taking over when your legs get tired, or you have that steep hill to climb. Scooteretti features the most reputable electric bike brands, guaranteeing that we have something for every cyclist.

Whether you are looking for city bikes, mountain bikes, or something in between, Scooteretti carries a top-of-the-line e-bike that will be perfect for your cycling adventures. Our e-bike experts can provide you with knowledgeable advice, stellar service, and an all-around satisfying experience. Choose Scooteretti for your electric bikes and accessories.  

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At Scooteretti, we make purchasing an electric bike in Vancouver easy with online ordering. Your online order over $99 will be shipped to your door FREE of charge, and it will arrive 95% assembled. It couldnt be any easier. Your online purchase is entirely risk-free, and we offer a Price Match Guarantee + 10% of the difference should you find a lower price elsewhere. Did we mention FREE SHIPPING? 

Riding Electric Bikes in Vancouver – The Advantages 

Electric Bikes take cycling to a whole new level. They provide a wide variety of benefits, including convenience, enjoyment, and efficiency, as well as being a healthy cycling option. E-bikes are a great environmentally friendly option for getting around Vancouver. Avoid high gas prices and inconvenient public transportation and enjoy the fresh air and city scenery by investing in an electric bike.

Whether going to and from your city office or enjoying a leisurely ride down one of Vancouvers many bicycle trails, an electric bike is an easy, fun way to get around! 

Cost-Effective – With the rise of gas prices, electric bikes provide an alternative to driving and using public transportation. With motor power backing up your pedalling, your e-bike experience will be relaxing and easy, costing mere pennies. The best part is that youll never have to share vehicle space with strangers again. 

Eco-Friendly – Electric bikes play an essential role in the planet’s sustainability and are a top contributor to a more environmentally friendly world. Electric bikes use no fuel, so every time you ride your electric bike, you can feel good knowing that you are promoting cleaner air and a healthier planet.

Effortless Pedalling Power – Our electric bikes are equipped with battery-powered “pedal assist.” This feature helps keep stress off your knees to coast your way along your route. Riders of any fitness level can climb hills or other tricky terrain and get to their destination with ease. 

Mood-Boosting – Riding an electric bike is a great way to relax while getting in some exercise. A mere 10 minutes per day outside can be effective in boosting your mood, blood pressure, and heart rate. Boost your mood by riding around Vancouver’s beautiful parks and trails with an electric bike!

Vancouver was made for biking. Centuries of volcanic activity bestowed a rolling landscape on the city and the surrounding region, making it an ideal place for putting rubber to pavement.

Places to ride your electric bike in Vancouver

The UBC Loop

The University of British Columbia is one of the most beautiful campuses in the entire country. You will quickly see how it received that reputation when you ride your electric bike on the UBC Loop. The loops start at the corner of 10th and Blanca and heads towards the UBC highway that will bringing you on a tour of the entire campus.

Suggested e-bikes for the UBC Loop


Stanley Park

Stanley Park is so vast that it can be challenging to cover all its ground in one afternoon’s e-bike ride. It is an urban park filled with historical landmarks, scenic gardens, casual and upscale restaurants, sandy beaches, and Canada’s largest aquarium. You can choose to ride your bike on the over 14km of paved path that circles the park, or you can opt to ride on one of the bike trails that go through the park giving you the opportunity to check out the Vancouver Rowing Club, Lost Lagoon, and the rose garden. The Stanley Park Seawall is one of the best rides you’ll find in Vancouver proper. It’s a paved path that runs along False Creek and Burrard Inlet, running from English Bay, around the Stanley Park point all the way to the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Suggested e-bikes for Stanley Park


Sunset Beach – False Creek – Kitsilano Beach Seaside Route

If you want to see beaches and Vancouver’s waterfront areas, then you should consider following this route. You'll start at Sunset Beach where you share the path with joggers and rollerbladers. Next, follow the path that circles False Creek where you will find various museums including the Vancouver Maritime Museum and Science World. Foodies might be tempted to take a detour to Granville Island, known for its array of dining options, waterfront patios and the famous Granville Island Public Market. The ride ends at Kitsilano Beach, where you will find people playing outdoor games along the grass areas and sandy beaches.

Suggested e-bikes for Sunset Beach


Central Valley Greenway

The Central Valley Greenway is one of the best ways to explore nature in Vancouver, British Columbia. It connects downtown Vancouver with the nearby municipalities of Burnaby and New Westminster, leading cyclists through metropolitan neighborhoods, historic shopping districts and scenic, natural areas. The 24 km route starts from Science World and ends at New Westminster. It allows bikers to get close to various recreation facilities in the area.

Suggested e-bikes for the Central Valley Greenway


Traboulay PoCo Trail

Another place to ride your electric bike in Vancouver is the Traboulay PoCo Trail. It takes you from Downtown Port Coquitlam through natural and urban terrain, then back to the community centre. If you love nature, then you can make a stop at the Colony Farm Regional Park.

Suggested e-bikes for the Traboulay PoCo Trail


These are just a few of the many places where you can take your electric bike for a spin in Vancouver. The best thing about electric bikes is that they allow people of all fitness levels to enjoy the activity and the wonderful scenery along the way. Climbing hills, going against a headwind and going further than you normally can pedal are non-issues with the electric assist of an electric bike. get your e-bike with all it's accessories from Scooteretti today!