Electric Bikes Mont Tremblant

Why You Should Get an Electric Bike in Mont Tremblant

3 Incredible trails in the Mont Tremblant area you will love to e-bike


Le P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly ride or a long, contemplative cruise, this is the trail for you.

Once a railway built around the turn of the 20th century, the entire trail is a whopping length of 230km. In short, this trail is not so petit. Taking the whole trail isn’t required, of course, because there are so many places to stop and see along the way. The 11km trail through Le P’tit Train du Nord linear park is where you’ll want to take your e-bike. See the lakes, rivers and streams that are part of the grand Laurentians and make your way between Montée Kavanagh to Chemin Plouffe, all in one beautiful route.

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Mercier Lake

If you’re more in the mood for a more modern ride along e-bike friendly paths, try the route to and from Lake Mercier. This 12km loop will take you around the surrounding area on a casual, easily accessible route. Multifunctional and easy, this is a great trail for coasting with your e-bike.

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La Riviere de la Diable

If you’re looking to take on something with a little more umph, make your way along the Riviere de la Diable. More robust e-bikes can handle this hilly route, and can take your through the forested trails with ease. Take your e-fatbike for a real ride and experience what the Laurentians have to offer.

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