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Unleash the power of Cube electric bikes. Experience the ultimate blend of convenience and performance, with the unmatched pedal assist technology from Bosch. Expand your horizons, conquer new trails, and revolutionize your daily commutes.


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Save $500.00 CAD
Cube Ella Ride Hybrid 500Cube Ella Ride Hybrid 500
Sale price$3,999.00 CAD Regular price$4,499.00 CAD
Cube Supreme Hybrid One 500
Sale price$3,999.00 CAD
Cube Reaction Hybrid Performance 500 Allroad
Cube Supreme Sport Hybrid One 500
Sale price$4,299.00 CAD
Cube Touring Hybrid One 500Cube Touring Hybrid One 500 Easy Entry
Sale price$4,299.00 CAD
Cube Compact Sport Hybrid 500
Sale price$4,649.00 CAD
Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500
Sale price$4,649.00 CAD
Cube Supreme Sport Hybrid Pro 500
Sale price$4,649.00 CAD
Cube Fold Sport Hybrid 500Cube Fold Sport Hybrid 500
Sale price$4,999.00 CAD
KATHMANDU HYBRID ONE 625Cube-Kathmandu-Hybrid-One-625
Sale price$5,099.00 CAD
Sold out
Cube Editor Hybrid SLT 400X
Sale price$5,649.00 CAD
Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 625
Sale price$5,699.00 CAD
Cube Supreme Sport Hybrid EXC 625
Sale price$5,699.00 CAD
Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 750 Step Thru
Sale price$5,749.00 CAD
Save $2,564.70 CAD
Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 HPC SL 750
Sale price$5,984.30 CAD Regular price$8,549.00 CAD
Cube Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750Cube Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 750
Sale price$6,199.00 CAD
Cube Stereo Hybrid 120 Pro Allroad 625
Cube Longtail Hybrid 725Cube Longtail Hybrid 725 Canada
Sale price$7,499.00 CAD
Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid 500Cube Cargo Sport Hybrid 500 Canada
Sale price$7,999.00 CAD
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Cube Ebikescube ebikesCube Electric Bikes


Cube Electric Bikes: A Fusion of Innovation and Bosch Technology - Cube electric bikes, renowned for their cutting-edge innovation, are powered by Bosch eBike systems, a leader in electric bike technology. This powerful combination ensures each ride is smooth, efficient, and enjoyable. Ideal for Canada's varied terrains, from bustling city streets to serene mountain trails, these e-bikes offer unparalleled performance and ease. Cube bikes, made primarily in Germany, represent the pinnacle of engineering excellence. As you explore the Canadian landscapes, do so with the confidence that comes from riding a bike equipped with the best in electric technology, designed for both sustainability and optimal performance.

From Bavarian Origins to Global Presence

The Legacy of Cube Bikes

Founded in 1993 by Marcus Pürner in the scenic Fichtel Mountains of northeastern Bavaria, Cube remains owner-managed, testament to its commitment to quality and innovation. Over the years, Cube has expanded its reach to over 60 countries, reflecting its international success. This growth is driven by Cube's dedication to producing top-tier bicycles, combining German engineering with a passion for cycling. When you ride a Cube bike, you're part of a global community that values excellence and the rich heritage of a brand that has been shaping the cycling world for decades.

Experience the Best with Scooteretti

Your Gateway to Cube eBikes in Canada

Choosing Scooteretti for your Cube electric bike means you're opting for the highest quality, whether you're picking up your e-bike in-store or having it shipped across Canada. We proudly serve every city, including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver, and Victoria, ensuring coast-to-coast accessibility. By selecting a Cube bike from Scooteretti, you're not just purchasing a premium product; you're investing in a seamless experience, supported by our commitment to customer satisfaction. Embrace the journey with a Cube bike that brings German craftsmanship to your Canadian adventure, backed by the assurance and expertise of Scooteretti.

Customer Love

Purchased 2 Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500's online, I live in BC so was a bit concerned about a non-local supplier. But they provided great pre-sales info. The shipping was fast with no problems. Good instructions for assembling the bike.

Larry D.

This is the second Cube touring that we have purchased from Scooteretti. Not living in the Ottawa area, we relied on the expert advice of the staff to provide us with the bikes that best suited our needs. We can't say enough about the Cube workmanship and reliability. 

Judy S.

Cube stereo 140 race is an all-around fantastic bike you cannot beat the price for XT and a carbon fibre front triangle I have over 1000 km on the bike and I’ve had no problems or any issues at all.

Darrin O.


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