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Discover the Riese & Müller Difference with Scooteretti! As Canada’s exclusive Bosch eBike Expert certified store, we bring you not only the finest in German e-bike engineering but also unparalleled after-purchase support. Dive deeper to learn why savvy cyclists across Canada choose us as their trusted Riese & Müller retailer. Your journey towards sustainable, powerful, and innovative mobility starts here – explore with confidence, ride with excellence.

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Discover our range of electric bikes that are in stock and ready to ship. Whether you want to pick up your bike immediately or have it delivered to your doorstep, we've got you covered. Experience the convenience and efficiency of our ready-to-ship electric bikes today!

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If you can't find your ideal electric bike among our current stock, fear not! Our team of certified ebike experts is here to assist you in crafting and customizing your very own Riese & Müller electric bike. Dare to dream big, and let us transform your vision into reality!


Downtown Magazine

International Cargobike of the Year Award - 2022

Transporter 85

Best Urban eBike Brand For 2022

Downtown Magazine

2022 Design & Innovation Award

Multicharger Mixte GT vario 750

Focus E-Bike Design & Innovation Award - 2021

Packster 70

Design & Innovation Award - 2021

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Riese & Müller Canada

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Shop now and discover our wide range of ready-to-ship Riese & Müller electric bikes. Whether you prefer personal pickup or hassle-free doorstep delivery, we've got you covered. Get your dream bike today!

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+ Different Product Configurations Available For A Truly Customizable Experience


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Experience the power and versatility of Bosch motors, designed to cater to every type of requirement!


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Choose from a range of options, spanning 100km to 400km, that cater to every rider's needs.


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2024 Riese & Müller Collection

Crafted to captivate attention and ignite exhilaration within.

Discover the perfect Riese & Müller electric bicycle at our store! Whether you visit in person or chat with us online, we have an extensive selection of in-stock ebikes waiting for you. Looking for a personalized ride? Our team of ebike specialists is here to share their expertise, offering insights on upcoming bike arrivals and guiding you through the process of ordering your very own custom bike. Experience the joy of owning the electric bicycle of your dreams with us!

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Sale priceFrom $6,000.00 CAD Regular price$7,994.00 CAD
Sale priceFrom $6,759.00 CAD
Sale priceFrom $6,759.00 CAD
Riese Muller Roadster4 TouringRiese Muller Roadster 4 Touring
Sale priceFrom $7,619.00 CAD
Riese Muller Roadster 4 Mixte TouringRiese Muller Roadster4 Mixte Touring
Sale priceFrom $7,619.00 CAD
Riese & Muller Tinker2Riese Muller Tinker2 Crystal White
Sale price$7,689.00 CAD
Riese Muller Nevo 4 GT TouringRiese Muller Nevo 4 Touring
Sale priceFrom $8,199.00 CAD
Riese Muller Multicharger2 MixteRiese Muller Multicharger2 Mixte GT Family
Sale priceFrom $8,479.00 CAD
Riese Muller Multicharger2 GT FamilyRiese Muller Multicharger2 GT Family Canada
Sale priceFrom $8,479.00 CAD
    Riese Muller Charger4 Mixte TouringRiese Muller Charger4 Mixte GT Touring
Sale priceFrom $8,789.00 CAD
Riese & Muller Charger4Riese & Muller Charger4
Sale priceFrom $8,789.00 CAD
Riese & Muller MultitinkerRiese Muller Multitinker Pearl White / Black Matt
Sale priceFrom $9,209.00 CAD
Riese Muller Transporter2 65 TouringRiese Muller Transporter2 Touring
Sale priceFrom $10,359.00 CAD
Riese Muller Homage4 TouringRiese Muller Homage4 GT Touring
Sale priceFrom $10,509.00 CAD
Riese Muller Transporter2 85 TouringRiese Muller Transporter2 Touring
Sale priceFrom $10,639.00 CAD
Riese & Muller Carrie Touring AquaRiese & Muller Carrie Touring Anis
Sale priceFrom $10,639.00 CAD
Riese Muller Delite4 GT TouringRiese Muller Delite4 GT Touring
Sale priceFrom $10,789.00 CAD
Riese Muller Load4 TouringRiese Muller Load4 60 Touring
Sale priceFrom $12,809.00 CAD
Riese & Muller Packster2 70 FamilyRiese & Muller Packster 2 Family
Sale priceFrom $12,949.00 CAD
Riese Muller Load4 75 Touring CanadaRiese Muller Load4 75 Touring
Sale priceFrom $13,089.00 CAD
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Discover the Exceptional Quality of Riese & Müller in Canada:

Riese & Müller, a name synonymous with premium quality in the electric bicycle industry, continues to redefine cycling standards in Canada. This German-based brand, established in 1993, has carved a niche in the realm of premium electric bikes, combining state-of-the-art technology with a flair for design. At Scooteretti, we are proud to bring the excellence of Riese and Muller to Canadian riders. Known for their innovation, these e-bikes are not just about high-end performance; they're a statement of style and efficiency. From the robust e-cargo bikes equipped with large-capacity cargo boxes and safety features to sleek city models, Riese & Müller caters to every cyclist's needs.

An eBike Range that Resonates with Every Rider:

The diverse range of Riese & Müller electric bikes means there's a perfect fit for everyone. Whether you're a leisure cyclist looking for a stylish way to navigate the city, a commuter seeking dependable transportation in varied weather conditions, or an outdoor enthusiast eager to take your adventures off-road, Riese and Müller have you covered. Each model is powered by advanced Bosch ebike technology, ensuring a seamless blend of power and performance. At Scooteretti, our selection of Riese & Müller bikes meets the highest standards of quality and design, promising an unmatched riding experience for cyclists across Canada.

Scooteretti: Your Trusted Riese & Müller Partner in Canada:

Choosing Scooteretti for your Riese & Müller electric bike means opting for unparalleled expertise and service. Our team of certified ebike experts is passionate about e-bikes and committed to delivering the best. We meticulously assemble and test each Riese and Muller bike, ensuring that no matter where you are in Canada – from the scenic routes of the east coast to the bustling streets of the of the west coast – your e-bike is ready for the journey. Specializing in servicing and maintaining Bosch, Enviolo, and Rohloff systems, our experts at Scooteretti stand as the leading specialists in Canada. Trust us to be your guide in the world of Riese & Müller electric bikes, where quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction ride together.

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Customer Reviews

Karen Moore

Riese & Muller Bikes

I have purchased 2 Riese & Mueller ebikes from Scooteretti and am more than happy with the sales and after sales experience. Their customer service is excellent and their knowledge of ebikes is second to none in this area. When bringing my bikes in for service, I know I am getting experienced and professional service from Bosch motor systems experts. I would not take them anywhere else.

Joachim S.

New Riese and Muller bike

I ordered my bike in early July and was told my bike would arrive in the beginning of September. To my surprise in the beginning of August I got a call that my bike had arrived. I was very happy about that and went into the shop. There it was and Will explained the whole new bike to me. After about an hour I left with the bike and I drove it home. I was very happy with the purchase and also with the service I received from the shop. I strongly recommend the shop

Mike Niebudek

Riese & Müller Nevo

Two weeks into riding my new R&M Nevo GT and really enjoying this bike! Discovering beautiful paths and trails in Gatineau-Ottawa. Great service from Will and his team at Scooteretti Electric Bikes on Byward Market. Well worth a visit, explore this unique and great ebike shop. Thank you Scooteretti!

Alain P.

Great Bike Shop

Bought two Riese & Muller Bikes in July to enjoy day long rides as a couple. The sale service was excellent with knowledgeable and detailed attention staff. Highly recommended for your E-Bike needs


Great Service & Purchase

I want to thank Scooretti and especially Will, who helped me decide on my first E-Bike a lot. Will, spent a couple of hours and explained to me everything about E-bikes and answered all my questions.

Daniel & Jacinthe

Riese & Müller Nevo's

We are completely satisfied about our purchase and services. They’ve answers all our questions. William and the team are the best!

Barbara K.

Great people to deal with

Great people to deal with, responsive, going out of their way with customer service - I live out of town - love the bike, so does my family, easy to ride.

Michael M.

Great shop and great bikes

My wife and I could not be more pleased with our experience at Scooteretti and with our Riese & Muller bikes.

Scooteretti Consulation

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Discover the sheer power of our exceptional Riese & Muller bikes firsthand. Connect live with our knowledgeable Bosch eBike Experts straight from the captivating showroom floor. No picture can truly capture the exhilaration you'll experience. Obtain all the necessary details to make an informed decision before investing in your ultimate ride.

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Leverage the invaluable insights and expertise of our team of Riese and Muller e-bike specialists. They are here to empower you in making an informed decision by recommending the perfect bike and options that perfectly align with your unique preferences and requirements. Moreover, they are readily available to address any queries or concerns you may have. Enjoy the utmost confidence in your e-bike selection process with our dedicated experts by your side.