Vélos cargo électriques pour les entreprises

Electric Cargo Bikes For Business


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Tern GSD S10Tern GSD S10 Cargo Bike
Sale priceFrom $6,699.00 CAD
Tern GSD S10 LXTern GSD S10 LX electric bike
Sale priceFrom $7,449.00 CAD
Cube Longtail Hybrid 725 CanadaCube Longtail Hybrid 725
Sale price$7,499.00 CAD
Tern GSD S00 LXTern GSD S00 LX Canada
Sale priceFrom $8,799.00 CAD
Riese & Muller MultitinkerRiese Muller Multitinker Pearl White / Black Matt
Sale priceFrom $9,209.00 CAD
Riese Muller Transporter2 65 TouringRiese Muller Transporter2 Touring
Sale priceFrom $10,359.00 CAD
Riese Muller Transporter2 85 TouringRiese Muller Transporter2 Touring
Sale priceFrom $10,639.00 CAD
Riese & Muller Carrie Touring AquaRiese & Muller Carrie Touring Anis
Sale priceFrom $10,639.00 CAD

The Ultimate Solution for Commercial Efficiency

Electric Cargo Bikes for Business

In the rapidly evolving world of business logistics, electric cargo bikes are emerging as a game-changer for companies seeking cost-effective, eco-friendly, and efficient transportation solutions. At Scooteretti, we specialize in providing top-of-the-line electric cargo bikes designed specifically for commercial use, ensuring that your business operations are streamlined, sustainable, and safe.

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Durability and Longevity

Our cargo bikes are built to last through daily commercial use with high-quality materials and robust construction, ensuring durability and longevity.

Cost-Effective Transportation

Electric cargo bikes offer a budget-friendly transportation option that boosts your bottom line through reduced maintenance and fuel costs.

Eco-Friendly and Zero Emissions

Reduce your company's carbon footprint by choosing electric cargo bikes, contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Certified For Safety

E-bikes are intricate electrical systems that require vigilant protection from safety risks like fire and is fast becoming an insurance requirement. This is particularly crucial for e-bike fleets, where numerous batteries are charged and stored close together. To guarantee electrical and fire safety, the battery, charger, drive unit, and display have all undergone and passed the stringent testing protocols of UL 2849, the premier safety standard for e-bike systems.

Learn More About UL 2849

Health Benefits for Employees

Electric cargo bikes benefit the environment and promote healthier lifestyles for employees. Regular use improves cardiovascular health, physical activity, and well-being, leading to a more productive workforce.

No License Required

Unlike motor vehicles, electric cargo bikes do not require a driver's license, making them accessible to a broader range of employees. This ease of use can simplify your hiring process and expand your pool of potential riders.

Safety and Compliance

We prioritize safety in commercial transportation with our electric cargo bikes meeting UL 2849 safety standards, providing peace of mind and insurance compliance for all users.

Ideal Applications for Electric Cargo Bikes

Electric Bikes For Business
Bike Courrier

Parcel Delivery

Efficiently navigate through city streets and deliver packages quickly and reliably.

Large Cargo Transport

Handle substantial loads with ease, thanks to the sturdy design and ample cargo space.

Food Delivery Bikes

Food Delivery

Maintain the freshness and quality of food items with swift and eco-friendly deliveries.

Industrial Use

Move tools, equipment, and supplies within industrial complexes or between job sites effortlessly.

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