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Tern Quick HaulTern Quick Haul D8
Sale price$3,725.00 CAD
Sold out
Tern Quick Haul P9
Sale price$4,325.00 CAD
Tern Vektron Q9
Sale price$4,475.00 CAD
Tern NBD P8i CanadaTern NBD P8i
Sale price$4,775.00 CAD
Tern Vektron S10Tern Vektron S10 ebike
Sale price$4,925.00 CAD
Tern NBD S5i CanadaTern NBD S5i
Sale price$5,975.00 CAD
Tern HSDTern HSD P10
Sale price$6,349.00 CAD
Tern GSD S10Tern GSD S10 Cargo Bike
Sale priceFrom $6,699.00 CAD
Tern HSD P5iTern HSD P5i cargo ebike
Sale price$6,925.00 CAD
Tern GSD S10 LXTern GSD S10 LX electric bike
Sale priceFrom $7,449.00 CAD
Tern HSD S00
Sale price$8,275.00 CAD
Tern GSD S00 LXTern GSD S00 LX Canada
Sale priceFrom $8,799.00 CAD
Tern Orox S12Tern Orox
Sale price$9,699.00 CAD
Tern GSD R14
Sale priceFrom $11,175.00 CAD
Tern Orox R14
Sale price$13,399.00 CAD
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Explore Urban Elegance with Our Ebikes

Glide effortlessly across Canada's diverse terrains on our Tern ebikes, a showcase of elegant design combined with Bosch's state-of-the-art technology. The Vektron and HSD models, highlights in our collection, are crafted for the eco-conscious rider. These bikes offer more than a simple commute; they represent a deeper commitment to sustainable, enjoyable urban mobility. Experience the seamless integration of power and efficiency on every ride. Choose a bike that stands for quality and innovation, embodying the spirit of modern, eco-friendly commuting.

Transform Your Travel with Our Folding and Cargo Bikes

Our versatile folding bikes and the efficient Tern GSD cargo models are changing the face of urban transportation. Designed for practicality and ease, they are ideal for navigating bustling cityscapes or embracing the beauty of rural trails. Adaptable and reliable, our bikes ensure every ride is a pleasure. Marrying Tern's commitment to excellence with Bosch's advanced technology, they pave the way for a cleaner, greener tomorrow.

Join a Community of Style and Sustainability with Tern.

Choosing one of our Tern bikes means joining a community that values more than just cycling. The Vektron and HSD are perfect examples of our commitment to combining style with environmental consciousness. These bikes, equipped with Bosch technology, offer a riding experience that is both thrilling and responsible. Ideal for urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts alike, they redefine what it means to travel on two wheels. Embrace a future where each journey is a step towards sustainable living, with a bike that's as stylish as it is eco-friendly.

The biggest deal with [the Vektron] is that it features a high-quality gold standard Bosch electric drivetrain [...]. It's well worth reading our page on electric bikes, highlighted above, to understand why the battery and motor choice really make a difference on ride quality of e-bikes, but in summary: you get what you pay for.
Definitely, I'm a fan. [...] I feel like Tern does a really good job with their products, the customer support. And the fact that they have four versions of this bike really lets you dial in.
If you need a cargo e-bike that can haul a lot but do it in a smaller, more nimble size, this is your best bet.
To say I loved the Tern GSD S10 is an understatement. It's by far the easiest electric cargo bike I've tested in terms of direct car swaps, using for ferrying round child and accompany paraphilia, shopping and even both at the same time as there's so much versatility and cargo load option.
I ride a Tern GSD S00, which is a mid-tail bike. It has a maximum weight capacity of around 450 pounds, and it's not very long, which means that it can't carry as much stuff as easily as a bakfiets, but it’s lighter and more maneuverable.
Tern Electric Bikes Canada

Quality Electric Bikes

Tern takes great pride in meticulously crafting bikes that adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. Their unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their design and manufacturing processes. From carefully selecting premium materials to the meticulous attention to detail invested in each and every electric bike they produce, Tern ensures a superior cycling experience for all.

Tern UL 2849

UL 2849 Certified For Your Safety

Tern electric bikes boast UL 2849 certification for safety, courtesy of the Bosch ebike system equipped on each model. This guarantees that these systems have undergone meticulous testing to meet the most stringent global safety standards, providing riders with unparalleled peace of mind. When you choose Tern electric bikes, you can trust that you're making a secure and dependable investment, supported by industry-leading safety certifications.

Tern Testing

EFBE Tri-Tested For Strength

Tern cargo bikes prioritize product safety above all else. Every Tern cargo bike frame and fork undergo rigorous testing, simulating hundreds of thousands of cycles of stress from various directions. They are pushed to their limits using EFBE's custom testing protocol—the Tri-Test. Rest assured, Tern cargo bikes exceed expectations for durability and performance.

FAQ's On Tern

Explore our Tern Bikes FAQ section to gain valuable insights and find answers to frequently asked questions. Don't find what you are looking for? Reach out to one of our experts who are here to help.