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Ontario’s Electric Bike Destination.

Scooteretti is your one stop shop for top-quality electric bikes in Ontario and Québec. Our electric bikes are sleek, safe and fun to ride. No licence or insurance is required to start riding! Scooteretti products are simply engineered to be better, with each one of our products meeting and exceeding the highest manufacturing, design and industry safety standards. Our electric bikes are built to last, and offer the rider optimal performance and safety. At Scooteretti we want every customer to feel as if they are part of the family! Read More About Ontario’s Electric Bike Destination or learn more About Scooteretti


Our Electric Bicycles

Tern GSD

Electric Bicycles

No Licence & No Insurance Needed!

Scooteretti, Ontario’s Electric Bike Destination


Scooteretti carries one of the largest collections of in stock electric bikes and ebikes in Ontario and Quebec. Our wide selection of electric bikes is by far one of the best in Canada. Our top of the line brands include ION, Easy Motion, Stromer, BionX and Pedego. We have e bikes that will suit the needs of every cyclist. Whether you are looking for an electric pedal assisted bicycle to help you up hills or if you are looking for a powerful throttle assist ebike, we have several options to choose from. Come visit the Scooteretti showroom today to see our full line of in stock electric bikes or call us today and schedule a test drive.



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Electric Bicycle Repair

Scooteretti, Ottawa’s Electric Bike Repair Company

24 Hour Service

At Scooteretti, we believe that our relationship doesn’t end when you buy our products. In fact it’s just the beginning. This has been instrumental in helping us design our after-sales service network.

We provide electric bicycle repairs in Ottawa, and stock parts in our dedicated warehouse and retail shop for every bicycle we sell to make sure your Scooteretti experience is long-lasting.

Why Choose Scooteretti?

Scooteretti, Ontario’s Electric Bike Destination.

Engineered to be better!

Scooteretti is your one stop shop for top-quality electric bikes in Ottawa, Ontario. Our ebikes are sleek, safe and fun to ride. No license or insurance is necessary to start riding!

Scooteretti products are simply engineered to be better, and meet the highest manufacturing and design standards. Our electric bikes are built to last, and offer the rider optimal performance and safety.



If you are looking to personalize your electric scooter to express your style, we offer many premium quality accessories designed specifically to fit all Scooteretti electric scooters, including: cargo boxes, locks, alarm systems, covers and mix and match body panels. Looking for accessories for your electric bicycle? We also carry a full line of accessories such as seats, locks, helmets, pannier bags, baskets and so much more. If you want to zip around the hustle and bustle of the city while still making it to your destination on time, then Scooteretti’s electric scooters or ebikes are a great option for you. Contact us today for more information about our electric bikes and electric scooters.

Ride in Style with Our Cool Accessories

See more accessories like helmets, locks, cargo boxes, pannier bags and more.

Customer Testimonials

Our clients are the only reason we are in business.

At Scooteretti we treat each customer like a member of the Famiglia “family in Italian”. Scooteretti is more than just electric bicycles, it’s about like minded individuals owning products that are innovative, cost effective and best of all, lots of fun. We encourage any one of our clients to post comments about us and our products. Read our Testimonials page to read just of few of the numerous responses that have been posted and that have motivated us here at Scooteretti to keep working hard for you! We hope you will take a few moments to post your comments about us. A huge thank you to each of our customers.

I purchased an electric scooter from Scooteretti. Because of the warm, dry weather last summer, it was a great year to enjoy the pleasures of getting around on two wheels. I meet several other owners of electric scooters who shared my enthusiasm for this mode of transportation. Some, however, were unable to repair or replace parts because of a lack of support from their retailers. I’ve always appreciated the expert advise and services from Scooteretti. I have long realized that aftercare is an important part of the purchase decision.

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Welcome to the Scooteretti Lifestyle

Scooteretti electric bikes are designed to be seductively simple. However, they offer the rider a sense of freedom and security knowing they are riding a scooter built by people who are passionate about the products they build and sell.

Check out our collection of electric bikes and see product reviews to find the perfect electric bike just for you!