Velos Electriques Whistler

Why you should get an electric bike in Whistler

3 incredible places in Whistler you have to take your e-bike

Lost Lake Park

The absolute first place you must visit with your e-bike is the gorgeous area that holds the way to the Lost Lake Trail. This 250km trail is easily accessible for any level of experience, from mountain bikers to leisure riders. Lost Lakes Park is where you’ll want to spend the day. There are tons of unique sights to behold and always somewhere new to go.

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Whistler Valley Trail

This expansive paved trail is just a small part of the even larger Trans Canada Trail, and connects most of Whistler's localities by one easily accessible route.

This beautiful, easy ride will take you to multiple perfect picnic spots, gorgeous lake views and vistas. The trail is multi-use and is beloved by everyone from cyclists, e-bike enthusiasts, runners, power walkers and even dog walkers. Just imagine cruising this lovely car-free route on your e-bike, enjoying the best views Whistler can offer.

Suggested e-bikes for Whistler Valley Trail


Olympic Park Trails

Another great route to take your e-bike out is Olympic Park. A tour is available and will guide you through the history of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic winter games. See such sights as the Biathlon Stadium and the old ski jump venues before heading up to the Top of the World trail and take in the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and glaciers. With 6km of paved trail to explore, this park is well worth the visit.

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