Why Every Torontonian Should Own an Electric Bike

Electric Bikes Toronto

Most Torontonian commuters are fed up with the daily stresses of getting to work, spending hours each day sitting in traffic. If you are looking for a much better experience on your way to the office, then why not try riding an Electric Bike?

No Sweat 

The biggest advantage for a commuter is you will not get hot and sweaty while peddling since this electrically assisted bike can amp up your accelerating power. This way you arrive to work feeling refreshed and ready for a full day. Still, crave a workout? Turn off the electric assist on your way home a ride it like a traditional bike and burn some extra calories. Electric bikes combine some conveniences of a car with the advantages of a bicycle

Faster Commute

In theory, a car can average a high speed, but in reality, speed often falls below 20km in cities. The problem is congestion – an electric bike can maintain a higher average speed than a bicycle, yet take advantage of the full network of cycle facilities, giving access to routes that cars and motorcycles cannot reach. The result is often a faster door-to-door journey time than any other mode. And by nipping along the relatively uncongested cycle network, but eliminating hills and headwinds, electric bikes tend to be the most consistent mode of travel.

Biking is Much Cleaner and Healthier

Do you have any idea how much Carbon Dioxide can be emitted by driving a car? This is why it is even more advantageous for you to ride an Electric Bike. Obviously, since electric cycling doesn’t consume gas, your e-bike emits a lot less carbon than a car and that can really make a measurable impact on the environment. You receive the benefits of exercise, combined with the ability to go farther distances and up steeper hills.

E-bike's are Well-Assisted in Toronto

Fortunately, one of Ontario’s top cities has made it more convenient for cyclists to ride their Ebikes. Approvals for more and more bike paths and lanes in Toronto make it even more convenient for bikers to get around the city on a daily basis.

Riding an Electric Bike is Applicable to all Fitness Levels

Having an Ebike does not mean you need to be a pro or extreme biker. This is very much like riding a traditional bike; only easier. Knee problems? Can't keep up with your spouse? Out of shape? Can't make it up that big hill? No problem, riding an electric bike will make you feel like a teenager again!
Some couples or riding partners have different fitness and stamina levels. An e-bike evens out the playing field, allowing you to comfortably ride wherever (big hills, challenging terrain, long stretches) and the confidence to ride with whomever.

Cost Savings

Charging an Electric Bike is not as expensive as you might think, literally pennies per charge. Ebikes do not require a license or insurance and therefore are less expensive than that of a car, motorcycle or scooter. Don’t forget about the free parking as well!

So why not get creative on your next commute? Be healthy and have more fun on your way to work by trying out an E-Bicycle soon.

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