Bosch eMTB Mode

Bosch eMTB Mode

The wait is finally over. The new Bosch eMTB mode is now available from Scooteretti. The new Bosch eMTB mode is a firmware update for all Bosch powered ebikes equipped with the Performance Line CX drive units.

The new firmware essentially replaces the former sport mode on the Performance Line CX and varies between 'Tour' mode and 'Turbo' mode. This new firmware upgrade will not offer a maximum torque of up to 75 Nm and increases motor performance and the rider's personal contribution between 120% and 300%.

Like all Bosch ebike drive systems the power is fully Bosch eMTB Modedependent on the pedal pressure, and the amount of assist will adjust automatically based on the individual's riding characteristics. Without shifting gears the CX drive unit will support and sense even slight pedal movement constantly while optimizing performance. The result is a completely new and optimized riding experience on even the steepest of slopes making them almost effortless. This ensures a natural riding sensation and maximum fun and performance on the trail.


Bosch eMTB Mode. The Key Features:

No on the fly assist changes:

Riding without assist changes. A change between the various assist modes is not necessary - Benefit = the rider can focus their attention on the trail not the display.

Progressive Support:

For a natural riding sensation and optimum control. Bosch eMTB ModeDepending on the pedal pressure the progressive motor support adjusts automatically to the individual's riding characteristics.

Direct Assist:

Perfect support as soon as you press on the pedals. Starting on steep slopes is made significantly easier and is fully automatic. The rider focusing on enjoying the trails.

Optimized Assist:

Improved control in difficult riding situations. Enables effortless riding and optimal traction on technical uphill sections or over those challenging obstacles.

Maximum Power:

With a torque of up to 75 Nm the experience translates into smooth, sporty acceleration even on alpine terrain without shifting gears.


To learn more about this must have update from Bosch, contact a Scooteretti guru today for more details on the Bosch eMTB Mode.

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