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Samedi 27 Frame Size

Moustache Bikes Canada


Rider Height Rider Height Frame Size*
1.55m - 1.70m 5'1" - 5'7" Small
1.68m - 1.83m 5'6" - 6'0" Medium
1.81m - 1.95m 5'11" - 6'4" Large
1.90m - 1.95m 6'3" - 6'7" X-Large


*Proper bike fit is essential for best performance and comfort. Any size and geometry measurements shown on shop.scooteretti.com are for general comparison purposes only. To find your perfect fit, contact us and one of our experts skilled at sizing will help you find the appropriate bike and size for your individual needs.

**Bikes equipped with suspension seat-posts may need to be removed if your height is towards the upper limits of each frame size.