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Bosch Active Line - Smart System

Bosch Active Line for Smart Systems

Embark on an urban adventure with the Bosch Active Line motor, crafted meticulously for Smart System e-bikes. Bid farewell to the clamor of the city as you glide through streets with the quietest drive unit in Bosch's impressive portfolio. Our innovative technology ensures that your ride is not only noiseless but also effortlessly smooth, allowing you to arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed.

Bosch Active Line - Smart System

Effortless Acceleration and Minimal Pedal Resistance

The Active Line motor is your trusted companion for both daily commutes and casual jaunts to your favorite urban spots. It boasts up to 40 newton meters of torque, providing that gentle push just when you need it. With such balanced acceleration at your disposal, you'll navigate through traffic with ease, enjoying a leisurely pace that turns rush hour into your hour of peace.

Intelligent Riding with Hassle-Free Automatic Adjustments

The future of cycling is here with the Smart System's Auto mode. This intuitive feature adapts the level of assistance on-the-fly, offering a truly hands-free cycling experience. Let your eBike take the lead, automatically adjusting its support while you soak in the sights and sounds of the cityscape.

A Symphony of Silence and Sensitive Support

The Bosch Active Line is more than just a motor; it's the heart of a serene e-bike experience. Barely audible, it's paired with an advanced sensor and software concept that ensures a smooth start and consistent support. You'll feel a responsive thrust that's as sensitive as it is unobtrusive, providing confidence in every pedal stroke.

Durable, Safe, and Ready for Any Urban Challenge

Durability is at the core of the Bosch Active Line motor. Its single-stage gearbox is built to withstand the rigors of city cycling, ensuring reliable performance in any weather and across all terrains. Add to that the safety of ABS Touring*, and you have a motor system that not only propels you forward but also offers controlled braking power for assured stopping in diverse conditions.

Embrace the tranquility of urban travel with the Bosch Active Line for Smart System e-bikes. Quiet yet powerful, smooth yet robust – it's the motor that transforms city cycling into a luxurious experience. For those who demand excellence and serenity on their journey, the choice is clear. Experience the future of urban e-biking with Bosch and ride like never before.

*Where available