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Weehoo Bike Trailers Canada

The Weehoo bike trailer was invented in 2008 by Stephen Rodgers in his garage after a family bike trip through the mountains of Colorado towing unhappy, uncomfortable children. His goal was to make a bike trailer that kids would enjoy riding in—and he succeeded. Weehoo bike trailers are comfortable and easy for children to ride in, whether in the rocky mountains of Colorado, or through the bike paths of Ottawa.

Since the creator of Weehoo bike trailers invented them for his own children, safety is of the utmost importance. Each Weehoo iGo is equipped with an adjustable 3-point harness with a chest buckle, foot straps, and handgrips for the little ones to hold on to. As of 2015 the iGo trailer has a redesigned seat that allows for tool-free adjustments, and can fit children 2 to 9 years old, up to a maximum capacity of 80 lbs, or if you prefer an iGo Two, which fits two kids, 100 lbs, including passengers and cargo.

There is plenty of room in the seat and the panniers to store whatever you need for your trip, whether a short trip to the grocery store, a picnic at a local park, or a longer jaunt to explore the city. If you frequent bike paths in Ottawa you’ll notice how popular the Weehoo bike trailers are with other families, as happy kids pedal along or sit back and enjoy the view.

Each Weehoo iGo is easy to use, whether on traditional bicycles, or on electric bikes. There are thorough instruction manuals, as well as a series of instructional videos available on the Weehoo website that show how to assemble and attach the seat, how to install the pedals, the pushbar, the flag, and attach the iGo to your bike. If you have any questions or difficulties the Scooteretti staff are Weehoo experts, and more than happy to assist you every step of the way.

There are some things to keep in mind before using your Weehoo bike trailer. It’s important to not exceed the recommended weight limit, not to roll the Weehoo in reverse when a child is onboard, make sure your children are wearing protective gear such as helmets and eye protection, secure the seat harness and the foot straps, not to exceed 15mph, take sharp turns carefully, and not to ride at night. Following these basic common sense guidelines will help ensure a safe and happy ride. Both you and your child will have such a fun time exploring that you’ll soon be planning your next trip out.

Weehoo also manufactures accessories to make your trip even more comfortable, such as panniers, baskets, and all weather covers, so you can tow your precious cargo all year long. More and more families are exploring alternate ways to get around, and Weehoo bike trailers are an easy to way to get from place to place while getting exercise, having fun, and keeping your kids happy. And we all know happy kids make for happy parents.

If you have any questions the staff at Scooteretti in Ottawa are knowledgeable about everything Weehoo and happy to assist.

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