Cool Bicycle Helmets For Men

Cool Bicycle Helmets For Men

Finding cool bicycle helmets for men is not an easy task. The selection available though most bike shops and most box stores is always the same traditional helmet we've seen for years. Quite often these helmets come in a selection of colours which usually clash with what we are wearing. Or worse yet........ we choose not to wear a helmet at all. And we know you're all much smarter than that!

Well we feel the same way as you guys. We wanted to have a selection of cool bicycle helmets for men in stock at all times. And trust us that was not easy task. We were determined to find a collection that not only looks good, is comfortable and safe for all conditions.

But have no despair, our search worldwide has found the brand who thought outside the box and have designed a helmet to make us guys look pretty hip to say the least.

Our favourite helmets are designed by a company called POC. This huge manufacturer of Ski and Bicycle helmets market their products as both stylish and certainly one of the most comfortable we have ever worn.

We consider these to be the Volvo of helmets due to their extremely high level of safety. Well guess what? They actually work and test their helmets with Volvo! Yeap, the car brand we've seen all those commercials about. A brand that is so obsessed with making the safest cars in the world is working with POC to make the safest bicycle helmets in the world! If you ride a traditional bike or an electric bike you'll certain appreciate the POC series as they offer an integrated Aramid (yeap the same stuff used in bullet proof vests). We are so obsessed with these awesome helmets that we are convinced that you'll love them as much as we do!



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