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Introducing the All-New Bosch Nyon System

The world of eMobility is undergoing a very exciting time at the moment, with new technology helping to transform how we use and enjoy eBikes. One of

these new technologies is the innovative Bosch Nyon System, the smartest and most intuitive on-board computer yet.

Bosch Nyon Retrofit Kit

What is the Bosch Nyon system?

Digitalization is impacting every aspect of our life, and the world of eBiking is no different. The Bosch Nyon system allows riders to enjoy a fully integrated experience, with the Nyon on-board computer enabling users to connect their eBike with all modern smartphones. This connectivity gives insight into the routes and activities undertaken by the rider, allowing it to act as a personal trainer by providing full access to fitness data.

Suitable for use on both on-road and off-road routes, as well as short routine trips and extended rides alike, the Nyon is able to completely transform your riding experience.

What are the key features?

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The sleek and stylish device is able to be fitted to all Bosch Generation 2 through 4 eBikes and provides riders with a wide range of features, including:

  • Easy operation

The Bosch Nyon device is incredibly easy to use thanks to its intuitive touch screen technology. Users are able to quickly scroll the brightly lit screen and choose the relevant functions, no matter whether they are stationary or on the move.

  • Enhanced display

The Bosch Nyon screen has been specifically designed with the user in mind, giving them clear visibility no matter the conditions. The screen is able to automatically detect ambient lighting, adjusting the brightness accordingly to ensure you can always see it. The Nyon also enjoys a special coating that helps to reduce reflections as well as minimizing the impact of fingerprints and stains. The device also comes with two mounting options for optimal positioning on your bike.

  • Robust construction
Bosch Nyon

No matter how you use your eBike, it will often face an array of tough conditions. The Bosch Nyon computer is a robust device that is able to take on whatever it might face. The touchscreen is able to work in the toughest of conditions, including rain and dust. The fully waterproof design will ensure that the device is safe to use all year round.

  • Find out your savings

There are many benefits to riding an eBike, with one of the most significant being the money you can save. The Nyon is able to show users how much they are saving compared to the equivalent journey in a car.  

  • Nyon Electronic Lock

Keeping your eBike secure is a number one priority, and the Nyon offers users the ability to deactivate their motor when the onboard computer is removed, making it less attractive to criminals.

  • Usability

The Nyon has been designed with the user in mind, offering true functionality such as fast start up, the ability to specify regular destinations on the map and save your current location. All data is automatically synced when the Nyon is connected to the smartphone or a WiFi signal, while it also has the ability to be used by multiple users.

Want to discover the benefits of the Nyon?

The Nyon is able to be fitted to a wide range of Bosch powered eBikes, and here at Scooteretti, our Bosch Expert Certified Technicians are able to help you retrofit the onboard computer to your bike. So if you want to find out more about this incredible piece of kit, click here!

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