Bosch ABS

Bosch eBike ABS

Bosch eBike ABS

Introducing the eBike ABS from Bosch

The Bosch eBike ABS is a revolutionary braking system designed to enhance your riding experience. With its anti-lock braking function and different ABS modes tailored to each eBike type, this technology ensures efficient and safe braking.

How does it work? The eBike ABS utilizes sensors to measure wheel speed and regulate brake pressure in real-time, preventing the front wheel from locking and reducing the risk of skidding. Whether you're navigating on firm asphalt or slippery gravel paths, this system keeps you securely in control even during sudden heavy braking.

Reduces eBike Accidents By Up To 29%

The benefits of the Bosch eBike ABS are remarkable. Studies indicate that if all eBikes were equipped with ABS, up to 29% of eBike accidents could be prevented annually. Additionally, the system facilitates improved braking behavior, with braking statistics displayed on the Kiox 500 or Kiox 300. You can analyze your braking performance and adjust accordingly to enhance your overall riding experience.

Notably, the eBike ABS includes front wheel ABS, which monitors wheel speed and optimizes braking pressure to enhance stability and steerability. Moreover, the rear wheel lift control feature reduces the risk of unwanted rear wheel lifting during extreme overbraking of the front wheel, minimizing the potential for accidents.

Designed To Keep You Safe When Cycling

For those seeking an improved braking system, the Bosch eBike ABS is perfectly coordinated with brake components from MAGURA, TRP, or TEKTRO. Visit our website or contact one of our Bosch certified eBike experts to learn more about the eBike models featuring the Bosch eBike ABS system.

Upgrade your eBike experience with the Bosch eBike ABS – the ultimate braking solution for enhanced safety and performance.

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As the Specialized bikes are using Brose for their ebike motor this won’t work as this is only compatible with Bosch eBike systems.

Max Setliff

Max Setliff

gmIs Bosch ABS compatible with my Specialized Turbo Como 5.0?

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