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Why you should invest in electric bikes in Gatineau

Discover the National Capital Region (which includes Gatineau and Ottawa) on an electric bike and take in the sights of one of the largest networks of multi-use paths in North America. In summer and in winter, tens of thousands of Canadians — residents and tourists — use the pathways that connect large natural areas, cultural landscapes and symbolic points of interest in the Capital region. There are plenty of reasons (and paths to take) to e-bike in Gatineau!

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3 places to ride your electric bike in Gatineau

Gatineau Voyageur Pathway

Hill climbing to the Champlain Lookout

Riding up to the picturesque Champlain Lookout in the Gatineau Park is a great escape from the city’s urban environment. It’s no small climb — this pathway is often even used by cyclists for training purposes or to reach fitness goals. Taking an e-bike through the Gatineau Hills (often called “The Gats”) you’ll get a stunning view of the Ottawa River and Ottawa Valley. The Voyageurs Pathway runs alongside the Ottawa River and is the best way to ride your electric bike to the top of Champlain Lookout.

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Gatineau Park - Riding the “Loop”

“Riding the Loop” in Gatineau Park, cyclists and electric bikes can take a 40 kilometre loop around Gatineau Park. In fact, some enthusiasts will head to the loop and ride it several times over! There are lots of landmarks and maps to guide your ride and the route is easy to spot on any park map. It involves completing a full circle using the Fortune Parkway, and Champlain Parkway, and the northern segment of the Gatineau Parkway. E-bike at your leisure and see one of Canada’s most beautiful national parklands.

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Voyageurs Pathway

If you’re new to the area, Gatineau and Ottawa are crisscrossed by bike paths that provide a spectacular natural escape from the city. The Voyageurs Pathway features incredible views of the Ottawa River for the majority of the ride for cyclists, pedestrians, and electric bikes alike. This pathway stretches for 30 km along the north shore of the Ottawa River and marks the first route taken many years ago by First Nations people, explorers, coureurs des bois and Jesuit missionaries in the region. It also winds through the city of Ottawa giving riders views of Parliament Hill and the Canadian Museum of History. The trail is open all year but is best used between March and October.

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