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We blog about electric scooters and everything related!

Riese muller Canada

Riese & Muller

The full Riese & Muller collection of electric bikes is available at Scooteretti. These high-quality, made in Germany electric bicycles are powered by the top of the line Bosch ebike motors & lithium batteries. We are Canada’s only Bosch Expert shop and our pros are here to help answer any questions for you have.

Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint

If you’ve made the decision to help promote a cleaner, greener footprint by reducing your carbon footprint, chances are you might be wondering exactly how to be eco-friendly and which steps you can take to get started. Here are three different things that you can do to personally reduce greenhouse gas emissions here in Canada.

Motorized Bikes

Motorized Bikes

At Scooteretti, we have the largest collection of motorized bikes in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Whether you are looking for a stylish and eco-friendly scooter or motorized bike, our knowledgeable sales staff will help you find the product that not only best suits your individual needs, but also your budget.

Electric Scooters & E Bikes in Ottawa, Ontario

Electric Scooters & E Bikes in Ottawa, Ontario

Canada is a well-known leader in promoting environmentally sustainable practices, so what better place for Scooteretti to set up shop than in our nation’s capital? We offer the finest and most extensive collection of electric scooters and E bikes in Ottawa, and are one of the largest retailers of electric scooters Ontario has to offer.

Electric Scooters for Adults

Electric Scooters for Adults

Scooteretti is the largest retailer of electric scooters for adults in the Ottawa Capital Region. Our products may be fun, but we don’t deal in toys ­– with models like Dolce Vita, Urbano, Forza, Stella and Sportivo, we offer real power and quality craftsmanship. All of our scooters and eBikes are designed not only to look sleek, but also to provide the rider with optimal performance and safety.

E Bike Batteries, Electric Scooter Batteries and More

E-bike Batteries, Electric Scooter Batteries and More

Is your scooter or electric bicycle battery not performing like it use to? Look no further than Scooteretti for replacement batteries! We offer an extensive collection of electric scooter batteries,E bike batteries and electric bicycle batteries that will help ensure you get your bike or scooter back on the road, and performing optimally. Drop in or call us today to find a battery that will have your scooter up and running in no time, and for a price that is easy on the wallet.

Scooteretti 2 Year Limited Warranty

Scooteretti 2 Year Limited Warranty

Effective July 18, 2013 we are pleased to announce that all new Scooteretti electric scooters will now be covered by a Scooteretti 2 Year limited warranty. This new Scooteretti 2 year limited warranty coverage will be applicable to all of our electric scooter (ebike) models purchased on or after July 01, 2013.

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