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Electric Scooter F.A.Q.

Scooter Frequently Asked Questions

So you’re thinking about purchasing an electric scooter…



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1. “Do I need a motorcycle license for an electric scooter?”

All Scooteretti products are classified as a “Power Assisted Bicycle” in Canada and do not require a licence or insurance to operate. Each province can determine what age a rider can be to use them. For example in Ontario you must be 16 years of age or older. In Quebec you must be over 18 or between the ages of 14-18 if you take a scooter course.



2. “Do I need insurance for my electric scooter?”

No, under federal and provincial laws you do not require any insurance to operate our products. This equates to a large annual savings.



3. “Do I need to wear safety equipment on an electric scooter?”

Indeed you are required by law to wear a helmet. We also suggest wearing proper shoes, pants, jacket, glasses and gloves for additional protection.



4. “Which scooter is right for me?”

Scooteretti has 5 different models which can accommodate most riders and all are available with battery upgrades if you require even more range from your scooter. Our trained staff are your best resource and are here to help fit a bike that fits just right for you.




5. “I see scooters parked on the sidewalk, is that legal?”

Indeed any “Power Assisted Bicycle” or electric scooter is legally permitted to park on sidewalks. Gas scooters and motorcycles are not permitted to park on sidewalks and must follow the same parking rules as cars.

Most municipalities want to encourage people to use a more ecofriendly mode of transportation, and since an electric scooter takes up a minimal amount of room you are permitted to park on sidewalks. Certainly one must not obstruct the flow of walking traffic or block emergency exits for example.





6. “Can I come to the shop and look at your selection of electric scooters?”

We encourage anyone shopping for an electric scooter to come and visit us before buying anything. We offer a no pressure retail environment where we encourage you to look, sit on and ask us any questions. We want you to gather as much information as you need to make an informed choice.



7. “Do you offer test drives on your electric scooters?”

Indeed we do offer test drives on our electric scooters as long as the weather cooperates and the roads are dry. Please call ahead to reserve a test drive.




8. “I have never driven a scooter before, how can I learn?”

We offer free private one on one training for any customer who would like training on how to ride their scooter safely. We never charge for this and are always here to support our clients. We want you to be safe out there and we’ll have you up and riding confidently in no time.



9. “Do you do you have a service department?”

Absolutely, all Scooteretti products are serviced right in our retail store where we have a state of the art electric scooter service area.



10. “Do you repair other scooter brands?”

We normally do not repair or service other scooter brands due to lack of parts availability for those products. However, consumable items such as tires, inner tubes, batteries and chargers are kept in stock. Contact one of our technical staff for more information.

Do you have a question about our scooters? We’re happy to help.
Drop us a line. We’ll get back to you real soon!





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