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Why You Should Get an Electric Bike in Laval

Quebec has one of the largest bike-friendly systems in eastern Canada. Dubbed the Green Route, it offers an expansive 5,200km network for commuters, athletes and leisure-goers alike. While you can get to pretty much any scenic part of the province using just this system, you’re going to want to stop in Laval.

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3 Incredible places in the Laval area you need to bring your e-bike

Rivière-des-Mille-Îles’ Park

Reconnect with nature on your e-bike and really feel it around you in this incredible riverside park. If you’re looking to animal-spot, this is the place to do it. Being one of the biggest and most important wildlife sanctuaries in the Montreal region, it is filled with animals happy in their own environment. Become one with the water and explore the marshes and islands of this area, give your e-bike a rest! Boats are easy to rent and even more fun to explore in.

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Prairie Park

Parc des Prairies is where you’ll want to spend all your free time. A huge park, full of activities and amenities, you’ll have a hard time deciding on whether you want to e-bike the whole time. There is a 5km bike trail that runs through the park, as well as a walking trail, and a cross country ski trail. Though this park really shines in the winter with all its activities, visiting during biking season can be just as rewarding. With all of the natural streams and waterfalls, you will find instant relaxation.

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The City of Laval

Already having an expansive 230km bike network system, Laval itself is very much well equipped for cyclists of all kinds. Considering the self-serve electric bike project the city set in motion summer of last year, Laval is thinking forward in terms of e-bike friendly environments and transit systems. Being part of the province-wide Green Route, Laval is an important part of Quebec’s cycling system.

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