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Why You Should Invest in Electric Bikes – Edmonton

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There’s no better way to see a new city — or your very own hometown — than by electric bike. The slower pace means you get to take in more of the experience and find nooks and crannies you’d never get to explore by car. At the same time, the faster pace means you can get from A to B quickly and conveniently, and you can cover more ground than you would by foot. Whether you’re checking out Edmonton for the first time, are a seasoned visitor, or want to get to know your own backyard a little better, sightseeing Edmonton by electric bike is the only way to explore this incredible city.

At One with Nature: Seeing the North Saskatchewan River Valley Trails

Edmonton is covered with green space, and at the heart of it all is the North Saskatchewan River Valley, which covers 7,400 hectares of land. In this vast expanse of wilderness, you’ll find a 150-kilometer trail system that’s ideal for nature-lovers and cyclists. You can either take a basic e-bike and stay on the trails, or use an e-mountain bike to blaze your own. Either way, you’ll be right at home in the verdant trees with your green bike.

Learning the City Inside and Out on the Downtown Bike Network

When it’s time to get out and discover everything the city has to offer, you can make use of the city’s (almost) 8-kilometre network of paths, shared roads, and protected bike lanes. As you explore on your electric bicycle, Edmonton and all its hidden gems will be at your fingertips, and in no time you’ll be within minutes of many of the city’s best features, including:

  • Craft breweries to reward yourself for your efforts
  • Restaurants in case you’re hungry after your ride
  • Theatres
  • Rogers Place if you’re there to catch a hockey game or concert
  • The Grand Villa Casino

And the best part about seeing a city by e-bike is that you can use the money you save on gas and insurance to spoil yourself elsewhere.

Exploring the World’s Plants at the Muttart Conservatory

The iconic pyramids of the Muttart Conservatory are some of the most recognizable features in Edmonton, and you can easily access this destination on your e-bike thanks to the river valley bike path. Once there, you can either stay outside and enjoy the view, or you can step inside to be transported to different worlds, because each pyramid contains a different ecosystem, including a desert, a tropical paradise, and a temperate forest.

Two-for-One Tourist Trip: William Hawrelak Park and Fort Edmonton Park

Two of the most popular attractions that you can visit by electric bikes in Edmonton are William Hawrelak Park and Fort Edmonton Park, which are conveniently located just a few kilometers from each other, and connected by an out-and-back path. Hawrelak Park is a beautiful place that you can go for a picnic, a walk, or a paddleboat adventure. At the other end of the trail you can explore vintage attractions on the Fort Edmonton Park midway, catch a 4D movie, see a show, hitch a ride on the steam train, or get adventurous with the unique food offerings.

There’s so much to see and do in Edmonton, and taking it all in by e-bike is an experience unlike anything else. Whether you’re a resident, just visiting, or new to the city, getting around on electric bike is a quick, convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly way to see all the amazing attractions the city. For more information about the types of bikes available for your excursion, browse our inventory of electric bikes and conversion kits.

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