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Electric Bike F.A.Q.

Electric Bike Frequently Asked Questions

So you’re thinking about purchasing an electric bicycle…

Do you have a questions about electric bicycles? We’re happy to help. Drop us a line. We’ll get back to you real soon!

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1. “Do I need a license for an electric bike?”

No, you do not require a licence to operate and electric bicycle.




2. “Do I need insurance for my electric bike?”

No, you do not require any insurance to ride an electric bicycle. The government views these bikes as “Power Assisted Bicycles” so no insurance is required.




3. “Do I need to wear safety equipment on an electric bike?”

Yes. You are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet at all times regardless of age.




4. “What electric bike is right for me?”

That’s a difficult question to answer. We carry a wide range of electric bicycles from mountain bikes to urban bikes in order to cater to the different needs of all cyclists. We really recommend coming into our shop and speaking to our experts who can help you find the perfect bike that meets your needs.




5. “I see electric bicycles parked on the sidewalk, is that legal?”

Indeed you are permitted to park your electric bike in any are that you would be permitted to park a traditional bicycle. The City of Ottawa for example is now even installing bike racks with electric outlets so that you can even recharge your batteries!




6. “Can I come to the shop and look at your selection of electric bikes?”

Absolutely, we really encourage anyone who is interested in learning more about electric bikes to come by the shop and speak to our experts. Our staff is fully trained and have ridden so many electric bikes over the years that they can answer any questions you may have.




7. “Does and electric bike require a lot more maintenance than a regular non electric bicycle?

Yes and No. Electric bicycles have come a long way over the years. When shopping for an electric bicycle it’s important to look for high quality components manufactured by well-known brands. An electric bike typically sold at a low cost is something that you want to stay away from.  Ask our experts and they can show you want to look for when buying an electric bicycle so that you can enjoy years of trouble free service.




8.”Can I ride an electric bicycle on the bike path?”

Yes you can. Just respect any posted speed limits!




9.”What is the different between a pedal assist and throttle assist bicycle?”

A pedal assist bicycle is a bike that will have multiple assistance levels to help the cyclist as they pedal. These can be changed as the cyclist is pedalling. These are by far the most popular type of bicycles. A throttle assist bicycle is basically a manual type of assist where the cyclist twists a throttle located on the handlebars and can get assistance from the motor by simply twisting the throttle. This is great for cruiser type bikes or for someone who just wants assist when they need it. We also stock several bikes that have both of these built into the bike, so that the riders has both types on the same bike.



10.”How far can I go on and electric bicycle?”

Range is dependent on the size of the battery, size of motor, weight of rider, terrain, throttle or pedal assist modes. But in general the ranges are anywhere from 30 – 105km’s per charge!




11.”Will an electric bike fit on my car’s bike carrier?”

Most electric bikes we sell will fit on most automobile bicycle carriers. We prefer the hitch mounted types as they are much more robust. Check your bike racks weight capacity to make sure it can handle the weight of the electric bike you are looking at. If you have not purchased a bike carrier yet, we suggest speaking to our experts who can assist you in selecting one that is right for your application. Do you have a questions about electric bicycles? We’re happy to help. Drop us a line. We’ll get back to you real soon!




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