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Testimonials & Reviews

Our clients are the only reason we are in business, we really try to treat each customer like a member of the Famiglia “family in Italian”. Scooteretti is more than just electric scooters and electric bicycles, it’s about like-minded individuals owning products that are innovative, cost-effective and best of all lots of fun.

We encourage each of our clients to post comments about us and our products. Below are some of the responses that have been posted and that have motivated us here at Scooteretti to keep working hard for you! We hope you will take a few moments to post your comments about us. A huge thank you to each of our customers.

A happy client.

I bought a scooter Urbano. I like it very much. I was well informed about the product features by the employee who delivered the scooter to me.

Robert Saumur

A great customer service story.

In April I purchased a Pedego City Commuter and I use it every day to go to work. I love it, it’s a great bike, and the customer service I received from Scooteretti was always very good.

There was a problem with my original motor after a few months, but it was covered under the warranty without hassle.

I would safely recommend both the Pedego and Scooteretti. Thanks!


An electric bike gets this client exploring.

I bought the ION commuter bike and have a smile on my face every time I use it. I no longer refuse to take detours to explore with my husband because I know, he’ll be the one suffering after the ride, not me. We now bike for distances because it’s so easy to keep on going. The gears are easy to use and the brakes are a big plus since the bike wants to fly down hills while I don’t. It’s a little heavy but I feel very secure with such a well-made bike and find the peddling without any assist still pretty easy on flat services.

I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a reliable and safe bike!


A new electric commuter gets this client back on a bike!

I picked up an ION Commuter electric bike a couple of weeks ago from Scooteretti and it just smokes! I hadn’t ridden a bike in over 10 years, so when I rode it home I was a little apprehensive. I took it from downtown to Nepean and had a blast. Everything about the bike is first class and so was the service I received at Scooteretti. Will went out of his way to get me rolling in short order. He also hooked me up with everything I need to go with the bike — like a great helmet, bike locks, and panniers.

I highly recommend this bike and Scooteretti!


A high standard of service.

Scooteretti is more than just selling Scooters and accessories. Their staff are always courteous bilingual and have a high calibre of expertise.

William and his team are always attentive to my needs and care about my comfort and safety. They are also very knowledgeable about the other products available in the market.

It’s just so much fun to be out riding on a scooter!

I would recommend Scooteretti to anyone looking for a well designed and safe scooter and they have such friendly after sales service.

Bravo and thank you Scootretti!


A very happy customer!

Hi Will,

Just had my first ride on our new electric Bike. What a blast. I have not been able to ride a bike for any distance due to neck and back challenges. Wow, it was great to be able to have the “bike assist ” help with the peddling. I am so excited about it, I want my wife Judy to buy one!

Thanks Will for your great service and guidance. We were very impressed with your knowledge and individualized service when purchasing our electric bike. Your shop is very unique and your Coffee Bar sure hit the spot. Judy and I are looking forward in attending your future events.

Wishing you lots more success. Obviously, you are spinning in the right direction.

Ron Levine

Excellent product, excellent service

A couple of weeks back I purchased the Urbano – and I’ve been using the bike to commute from downtown Ottawa to Kanata and I’ve already logged 700KM in 10 days. What a blast!! Being a tall guy, it was challenged to find an electric scooter that best suited my frame. The pictures on the site don’t do justice to the actual size of the bikes and I was surprised once I got an up close look in the store.

After purchasing my bike I had a minor issue a couple of days later and found the Scooteretti team was very responsive and took good care of me straight away.

Scooteretti provides an excellent product, excellent service, and the bikes are well worth the little extra above some of the other bikes that are out on the road today. Looking to get another for my wife any day now … Thanks Scooteretti!

Christopher O’Donnell

The service was excellent

Hi Will,

Just wanted to say I’m very happy with my new scooter. The service was excellent and the info I got from you was very helpful when making my decision when making my first electric bike purchase. The store is well stocked with helmets and other accessories. I would highly recommend this store to anyone who is looking for a scooter. Really glad I popped in!


What a ride!

Earlier this year, I purchased the Scooteretti Dolce Vita. What a ride!

I love this Scooteretti scooter.

It is comfortable, stylish, and gets me everywhere!

Will and his team are the best in the business. And you aren’t JUST a customer, you become a part of a much larger family when you become a Scooterettian. From a simple thing like making you feel at home when you walk in the door, to trading stories with other Scooteretti electric scooter owners.

We just can’t get enough!

I am at my first 490 Kms, and everything is perfect! Ka-ching… $80.00 plus saved in Gas. At this rate, I’ll have it paid for by the end of the year!

I am adding a little “extra” bling to my scooter shortly. Picture soon to follow!

Chris Ewing

Highly recommended

I am very happy with my scooter. The service was excellent and the info I got was very helpful. The store is well stocked with helmets and other accessories. I would highly recommend this store to anyone who is looking for a scooter.

John Smith

Great customer service

I purchased an electric scooter from Scooteretti. Because of the warm, dry weather last summer, it was a great year to enjoy the pleasures of getting around on two wheels. I meet several other owners of electric scooters who shared my enthusiasm for this mode of transportation. Some, however, were unable to repair or replace parts because of a lack of support from their retailers. I’ve always appreciated the expert advice and services from Scooteretti. I have long realized that aftercare is an important part of the purchase decision.

David Vincent

Making an impression, is what won this client over.

Just wanted to post a comment about Scooteretti. My wife and I decided to buy an electric scooter this summer. We ventured out to look at 3 shops in the Ottawa area.

The first one we went to visit was in an industrial type location with only 1 type of model being offered which really didn’t suit our needs as they were quite small and not the style we were looking for.

We went to Scooteretti next and were quite impressed with the selection of scooters they had. They were very educated about their products, let us wander around the store and ask questions as needed (indeed their no hassle policy has been relayed to all their staff).

Then we visited a 3rd shop who sold various products including electric scooters. WOW what an experience. Felt like we walked into a used car dealership that you see advertising on some of those US television commercials. Completely ignored my wife and were very aggressive and pushy. Right off the bat the sales guy started putting down the other brands. We stayed 10 mins and decided there was no way these guys were going to get a penny of our money.

We stopped for lunch before heading back and saw a Scooteretti being parked next to where we stopped. We went over and managed to speak to the owner who said she bought here scooter several years ago. She had great things to say about the shop and the people there and how much she loves her scooter. Our mind was made up. We went back to the shop and indeed we were very impressed once again.

We ended up buying a Sportivo as it fit my wife much better than the Dolce Vita that she wanted but due to her shorted leg length the staff recommended that the Sportivo would be a much safer bike for her to ride but still give me the leg space that I needed.

Our experience here was very positive. Thank you to Dan and Will and also to Crystal who gave us the in-depth walkthrough when we picked up out scooter. You guys really work well as a team. Keep up the great work guys. Companies like yours are very rare to find these days. We will keep recommending you to anyone who asks us about our scooter. So message to everyone. Buy a Scootereetti and you won’t be disappointed.

Jamie Stewart

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