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We blog about electric scooters and everything related!

Riese muller Canada

Riese & Muller

The full Riese & Muller collection of electric bikes is available at Scooteretti. These high-quality, made in Germany electric bicycles are powered by the top of the line Bosch ebike motors & lithium batteries. We are Canada’s only Bosch Expert shop and our pros are here to help answer any questions for you have.

Scooteretti 2 Year Limited Warranty

Scooteretti 2 Year Limited Warranty

Effective July 18, 2013 we are pleased to announce that all new Scooteretti electric scooters will now be covered by a Scooteretti 2 Year limited warranty. This new Scooteretti 2 year limited warranty coverage will be applicable to all of our electric scooter (ebike) models purchased on or after July 01, 2013.

EBike Batteries & Electric Scooter Batteries

E-bike Batteries & Electric Scooter Batteries

Each fall we receive a lot of questions about the best way to store and maintain ebike batteries. In this Blog we will be focusing on deep cycle lead acid batteries only as they are by far the most popular type of ebike batteries currently used in scooters. We will write a future blog on how to properly store lithium batteries, as there are some slight differences between them.

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