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Electric Scooters for Adults

Electric Scooters for Adults

Scooteretti is the largest retailer of electric scooters for adults in the Ottawa Capital Region. Our products may be fun, but we don’t deal in toys ­– with models like Dolce Vita, Urbano, Forza, Stella and Sportivo, we offer real power and quality craftsmanship. All of our scooters and eBikes are designed not only to look sleek, but also to provide the rider with optimal performance and safety.

The Advantages of Scooteretti

We offer a wide range of electric scooters for adult lifestyles, well-suited for the hustle and bustle of a busy professional life and perfect for relaxed, leisurely riding. With Scooteretti, the benefits are numerous:

Better Engineering: Quite simply, our electric scooters are by their very nature designed to be better than the rest of the pack. Everything we sell is quality-controlled to ensure that all our products meet the highest manufacturing and design standards.

Eco-Friendliness: Our products are designed to reduce carbon footprints (or tire treads, if you will) and provide a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative transportation method.

Convenience: Scooteretti electric scooters for adults offer a level of convenience that is unmatched by any other vehicle. Perfect for city life, they have helped countless satisfied customers arrive to their destinations on time and are a great alternative to driving.

Price: Riding a Scooteretti electric scooter means spending less money on insurance and licensing, making your commute cheaper.

Compliance: Electric scooters are becoming more and more common in Canada, and are legally accepted on our roads. Despite what you may have heard from those who are misinformed, electric scooters comply with all Transport Canada Regulations.

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