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Commuting By Electric Bicycle in Montreal, Quebec

In the urban city of Montreal, Quebec, more and more people are now commuting using an Electric Bicycle rather than opting for a car or using the public transport system. Some people see it as a way to optimize their health and save money; others are using it to keep a fit body. There are also people using it to avoid the hassles of public transportation, or they do not have a license. But aside from the benefits aforementioned using an ebike is also a perfect way to relax after a long and stressful day.

In case you are still finding other reasons on why you should use an Ebike when commuting in Montreal, Quebec; here are the other essential benefits that you can reap if you use an Electric bicycle.

Benefits in using an Electric Bicycle in Montreal, Quebec

In a big city like Montreal, a simple electric bicycle can create a huge difference. It is one of the most efficient and convenient forms of commuting. With support from the government and a genuine interest from the public, the ebike can address some issues such as pollution, congestion, accident, noise and others.

Environment friendly

Automobiles and other public transportation is one of the prime contributors to the air pollution in Montreal. Mass transportation system consumes a large amount of fossil fuels that releases carbon during the process which adds up to the global warming. Electric bicycle are more environment-friendly as it is powered by a lithium battery; however it is mostly powered by human and only needs a minimum assistance on the motor. Unlike automobiles which releases pollutants or Mass transit system that burns carbon, commuting on an ebike that only needs to be recharged at the end of the day makes a big impact on your carbon footprint.

Electric Bicycle’s are more efficient to use

In a busy and crowded city like Montreal, Quebec, one is willing to do anything just to minimize the noise of the city. Commuting using the public transportation does not only irritate your ears, you will also spend most of your time stuck in the traffic. Commuting using an Ebike is generally quiet and comfortable. You will have to exert a minimum effort when riding it, so if you want to avoid heavy breathing or sweating when going to work, an Electric Bicycle is the ideal way to go.


When commuting using an electric bicycle, you will be improving the circulation of your blood and avoid the possibility of getting cardiovascular disease in the process. One of the most essential benefits of an Ebike is that you have a control on how much assistance you will receive. You can pedal an Ebike like a traditional bike for doing your daily exercises or with minimum assistance in case you just want to unwind, and you still want to look and feel fresh when you reach your destination.

Finally commuting with an Ebike in Montreal, Quebec is also faster, as there are places that are specially designated for cyclists. Montreal, Quebec offers around 400km of bike paths to those commuting using Electric Bicycles, bike routes can be found in the downtown core and in the suburbs.

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