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BionX Electric Bike Kits / Ebike Motors

Convert your existing bicycle to an ebike with a BionX electric bike kit. From avid cyclists to recreational riders, BionX has a full range high quality and reliable ebike systems. Made in Canada BionX is one of the world’s leading electric bike kit manufactures.

The 2018 BionX electric bike conversion kits allow you to convert your existing bicycle to an electric bike easily and affordable. From avid cyclists to recreational riders, BionX has a full range of high quality and reliable ebike systems. Designed and assembled in Canada, BionX is one of the world’s leading electric bike kit manufactures.

Bionx DV Series

The new 2018 BionX DV series kits include the powerful D 500 DV and P 350 DV kits that are designed specifically for those riders who seek nothing but the best. Both systems include the brand new DS3 color display console and intuitive RC3 handlebar mounted controller. BionX D 500 DVThe BionX D 500 DV series for the ultimate on and off road performance while the P 350 DV is ideal for the daily commuter or week-end riders. Both kits offer riders a ranges of up to 135 km’s (80 miles) between charges! The DV series electric bike conversion kits are the latest in technology from the world’s leading electric bike conversion kit manufacturer.

The BionX D 500 DV has a distinctive design thanks to a completely redesigned motor, casing and unique spoke design of the rear wheel. The D series design team came up with a lightweight motor design that offer 500W of power and an impressive torque output of 50 Nm. Supplying power to the motor is a high capacity 48V 11.6Ah lithium battery for long run times.

BionX P 350 DVThe BionX P 350 DV offers riders awesome power from is 350 watt motor and high capacity 48V 11.6Ah down-tube mounted lithium battery that produces an awesome 555 Wh’s. With this much output the P 350 DV riders a  range of up to 135 km’s (80 miles) between charges making this this ultimate commuting , trekking or weekend warrior kit.

The DV series is ideal for riders who enjoy trail riding, ride in hilly areas, carrying heavier loads, daily commuters and those who seek maximum performance and range between recharges.


Bionx DX & RX Series

BionX P 350 RX The new 2018 BionX DX & BionX RX series have been upgraded and were designed for those riders seeking to rider longer distances. Both systems include the brand new RC3 handlebar mounted controller. In the sport series systems give you the freedom of up to 105 km (65 mi.)* on a single charge thanks to their 48V 8.8Ah lithium battery allowing you to ride farther and conquer more terrain!

BionX P 350 DXThese lightweight e-bike kits are the lightest in the collection. The DX & RX series comes with a high capacity battery for extra power, rear mount for 8, 9 or 10 speed Shimano or SRAM cassette and a motor that produces up to 40Nm of torque allowing you to explore and ride pretty much any terrain you choose. No other ebike conversion kit offers such an impressive ride. The RX & DX series is available in both the P 350 RX down-tube mounted battery or the P 350 RX rear rack mounted battery system.

The DX and RX series is ideal for riders living in hilly areas, enjoy long rides, pulling a trailer, ride with faster cyclists, getting back into cycling, trail riders or those who want the security of knowing they have increased battery capacity.


Bionx DL & RL Series

BionX P 350 RLThe BionX DL and RL series have been upgraded for 2018 are ideal for both the leisure weekend rider and daily commuter. Both systems include the brand new RC3 handlebar mounted controller. With an impressive 80 km (50 mile)* range there’s enough battery capacity to keep most riders going all day. Equipped with a powerful 48V, 6.6Ah lithium battery and a powerful 40Nm motor with freewheel mount, the DL and RL series offers increased torque and responsiveness over previous versions! The Bionx DL and RL kits are available as the P 350 DL down-tube mounted kit and the P 350 RL rear rack mounted battery system.

BionX P 350 DLThis electric bike conversion kit is ideal for riders living in hilly areas, don’t need an extended range kit, pull a trailer, recreational riders and urban commuters.


The Bionx Electric Bike Experience

No matter which kit you choose Bionx electric bike conversion kits offers cyclists an the following:BionX Kit 2017

o Super light gearless rear-wheel hub motors for long life and maximized efficiency
o Intelligent torque sensor for quick and efficient response
o Built-in generator mode which recuperates the braking energy and puts that back into the batteries yielding up to a 15% increase in range
o Clear and easy to use main console giving the rider full control of the system by adjusting the levels of assist and amount of power regeneration with the push of a finger. The BionX G2 console accurately displays speed, trip distance, average speed, total distance and time of day.
o The Bionx ebike system offers riders four levels of pedal assist from 35%, 75%, 150% and 300%
o Each Bionx system includes a push throttle control for those times when a rider just wants to coast without the need for pedaling.

Bionx After Sales Service

At Scooteretti we service everything we sell. Our factory-trained technicians are equipped with the latest in computer diagnostic equipment. With these ebike kits we are able to quickly and efficiently update the software, diagnose and repair any issue that you may encounter. All Bionx electric bike kits are equipped with CanBus technology that allow us to connect our computers directly into the system and view the status and condition of all the components. From batteries, consoles and motors we can can analyze every part of  print out a status report of every component on your ebike.

Unsure of which one of the Bionx electric bike kits is right for you? Our team will help you find the best electric bike kit to convert your existing bicycle into an ebike that you’ll love for years to come.

*Maximum ranges based on one battery charge, using assistance mode level 1, according to use in ideal conditions. Distances will vary depending on road conditions, riding surface, cyclist weight and assistance required.


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