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About Scooteretti

The Scooteretti difference goes beyond technical specs. Will oversees every aspect of the company, from initial R&D to retail sale.

Have you ever been to Italy? Picture espresso, pasta, gelato, cobblestone streets and stiletto heels. Riding a sleek, sexy scooter, feeling the wind in your face and loving being alive. Those Europeans are clearly on to something.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to fill that little Italian beauty’s loud, stinky engine with gas at some point. And then you’re going to have to pay to park it. And wasn’t your insurance bill due today? Now, picture an eco-friendly and cost-effective electric scooter instead! Just as fun and stylish, plus it’s comfortable, safe, durable, and extremely good looking to boot.

Want the luxurious Euro feel without the gas, the pollution, the insurance, the hassle? Welcome to Scooteretti.

From its humble beginnings, Scooteretti, conveniently located in Ottawa’s trendy Byward Market, has always been about making products that are “engineered to be better”. These are the words our company lives by, and anything less is never an option. Our scooters are built by an international team of dedicated men and women who are passionate about the products they make, and want you to be passionate about them too.

Scooteretti: don’t just ride it. Love it.

About Will

William Leishman

Meet Will, Scooteretti’s founder and President. Will spent 22 years working in sales, manufacturing and business development for a number of successful international corporations. This gave him the tools he needed to go after his lifelong dream: building his own company from the ground up.

Will’s only problem was finding a product to build his company around. He wanted to represent something he was truly passionate about.

While living and doing business in China, he noticed that many people rode electric scooters to escape rush-hour gridlock. He tried one and fell in love. Will promptly abandoned his company car and started commuting on his scooter. While he loved the freedom and the ability to plug his ride in, the quality, reliability and safety of scooters available at the time were mediocre at best. Plus, they were kind of wimpy! He wanted something better.

And thus was Will’s inspiration born. Just two years later in 2010 he launched Scooteretti, a company that manufactures and sells high-quality electric vehicles and accessories. He has worked hard to develop a line of safe, reliable scooters that are built from the best components and provide an unparalleled riding experience.

With the success of the Scooteretti brand of electric scooters and the increased demand for electric bicycles. The team at Scooteretti designed, manufactured and launched and new line of electric bicycles branded under the ION name into the market in the spring of 2013.

About the Scooteretti difference

Will’s years in Asia gave him the opportunity to meet the best of the best. He gained an insider edge, forming relationships with leading manufacturers and sourcing Scooteretti components exclusively from them.

Will and his team visited more than 40 manufacturers and suppliers in their quest for perfection. They now work with several custom manufacturers to build bikes to Scooteretti and ION specifications—including all-alloy suspensions, hydraulic disk brakes, higher-torque motors and premium paint.

The Scooteretti difference goes beyond technical specs. Will oversees every aspect of the company, from initial R&D to retail sales. Scooteretti also services and maintains every product they sell. Their warehouse has a huge inventory of in-stock parts and accessories, and service is usually done same day—often while you wait.

But the most important part of the Scooteretti difference is the people. Customers are treated like one of the family. Scooteretti owners are a like-minded community of people who love driving a product that is eco-friendly, saves money, looks amazing and, best of all, is wicked fun!

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